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Nova Scotia employers pay the 2nd highest workers' compensation premiums in Canada.....



EmployerMD Offers Trusted WorkComp Solutions


At EmployerMD, we deliver solutions for employers focused on workplace safety, injury prevention and an aggressive  and proactive management of workers' compensation claims.  Dr. Jamie Cox, the EmployerMD, has worked with employers, large organizations, as well as international and provincial associations.  Dr. Cox is known for his expertise in safety & prevention, as well as his cost-saving methods involving worker's compensation. EmployerMD was founded on the principles which Dr. Cox has practiced for over 20 years: reality based outcomes - not theories!


Dr. Jamie Cox - A Proven Track Record

Workers Compensation Consulting Services are at the core of  services offered by EmployerMD. Dr. Cox is aware of the difficulty employers face when trying to manage workers' compensation  and disability claims. Dr. Jamie Cox, former Chief Medical Officer of the Worker's Compensation Board in Nova Scotia, has extensive knowledge of the workers compensation system and the importance of ensuring a safe and timely return to work.  With his physician expertise combined with his experience building successful programs, managing healthcare and Workers' Compensation costs, Dr. Cox can help your organization understand the pitfalls of the compensation system, reduce assessment ratings, and limit risk.


Cost Saving Opportunities with EmployerMD

Cost saving opportunities can be easily uncovered for your organization. EmployerMD utilizes outcome based expectancy management, root cause analysis, and proactive work with healthcare professionals to ensure safe and timely return to work for injured workers. 


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