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Workers Compensation Services


EmployerMD has a laser focus on reducing costs due to Workers CompensationEmployerMD employs a unique and effective approach to developing sustainable strategies for employers to reduce costs and improve safety.  EmployerMD's experience in collaborating with physician groups, workers, employers, and compensation systems has proven to deliver substantial savings on a provincial level for employers in Nova Scotia.  EmployerMD can improve client's assessment ratings by designing customized strategies that are focused on your organizational needs.  We offer reality based outcomes - not theory!


20% of claims are driving 80% of workcomp costs....




The Benefits of Having A CMO

EmployerMD is the only service providing 24/7 emergency call-in and on-site support for employers in Nova Scotia.    In addition to immediate support following injuries, EmployerMD provides expert physician leadership on claims review and appeals.  At EmployerMD we believe in a comprehensive approach, focused on prevention by also engaging the workforce and unions in safety and injury prevention training.


EmployerMD offers Workers Compensation solutions to reduce costs using a comprehensive strategy focused on prevention, post-injury support, and claims management...




  • Excess Cost & Avoidance Strategies
  • WorkComp Cost Saving Strategies - Customized for the Employer
  • Focused Assessment and Penalty Reduction
  • On Site Medical Evaluations
  • Proactive Claims Management
  • Union and Worker Training & Presentations: Safety & Injury Prevention
  • 24/7 Emergency Call
  • Workplace Safety Evaluation; Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Management Education & Support in Injury Investigation
  • Support and Integration with Safety Committee
  • Quarterly Reporting


Post-Injury Support

  • On Site Root Cause Analysis
  • 24/7 Emergency Calling
  • Accident Report Support
  • Modified Duty Planning
  • Safe & Timely Return to Work Planning

Claims Management

  • Comprehensive Claims Review
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Appeals
  • Expert Testimony
  • Interface with WCBNS
  • Collaboration with Physician groups, WCB, OEA


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